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For any question about a product, an order. If you send us your information (as complete as possible) can offer guidance on the management of their disease. It is important to know: Age?,? Weight?,? Height?, Do you have relatives with psoriasis who, What has affected parts of the body?, Do you suffer from other diseases, How is your temperament?, Average temperature? where you live?, what altitude living?, what works?, 1-10 how to handle stress?, do you have any activity or relationship that causes stress?, do you suffer from anxiety?, do you smoke?,? consume liquor, What appeared long have your illness, and what treatments are done and what is he doing now?, Did it happen some important event in your life or environment by the time he published his PSORIASIS? etc. Along with the products you send BURASIL treatment recommendations that will help you manage your disease by up to 90 to 100%. Improving their quality of life.


Have any questions or concerns consult us and in the shortest possible time we will heed your message.

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