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    “Products Burasil E.U. is a group that since 1998, distributes its products worldwide directly to the patient, fulfilling the mission to raise awareness, to get real and timely information to those affected by psoriasis and their families about the disease, so they can deal with their without worrying disease and achieve a better quality of life".

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    “In 2020 E.U. Burasil Products consolidate as an organization supplying its products internationally and lead processes help to all those affected by psoriasis worldwide, contributing effectively to the improvement of quality of life and welfare of the entire international community affected by psoriasis and their families".

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Clinical Trials

Burasil (topical cream) and Burasil (capillary lotion) for the treatment of psoriasis, were tested for a mild Psoriasis plaque since 1997. Clinical trials determined that they were effective in improving lesions when used as a single treatment in 90% of Psoriasis patients. These, reported improvements in 95% to 100% of the affected areas with the disappearance of the plaques. These studies also refer to an application a day, quick to calm psoriasis symptoms, patients noticed better in a week or more. Many patients enjoyed and rested from their psoriasis lesions until after weeks after stopping the medication, and in some cases resting for more than a year on reports.

Burasil (topical cream) is never applied "freely". In fact an amount of cream the size of a lentil is sufficient to cover the lesion of the size of 3 to 5 square centimeters. The medication is completely rubbed into the lesion without leaving any residue. It should be contained inside the psoriasis plaque and never spread on the normal skin around. A (cotton swab) can be used. If the medication is spread on normal skin, the excess cream can be washed with water. Although it is understandable that a person's enthusiasm for releasing their skin from Psoriasis, "morning, afternoon and night" would never be a proper dosage (application) for Burasil Treatment. It should be applied once a day and about thirty minutes before going to bed and not contaminate other areas of the skin overnight. Alternatively a moisturizer or emollient may be used in the morning thirty minutes before dressing. A unique feature of Burasil is its ability to cause redness. It means that the Psoriasis plaque turns red before it disappears. This can cause panic and confusion to the Psoriasis patient because the goal of therapy is not redness. This is a normal reaction and eventually the injury will disappear. Patients may be more likely to "scratch and tear" and unconsciously cause a reaction " Koebner ". The Koebner phenomenon occurs when Psoriasis lesions appear alongside trauma to the skin. Psoriasis can cause irritation and swelling when you begin to see improvement. A different application of the treatment, how to use it every other day, or a different dosage may be convenient. It is important that patients remember to avoid scratching.

About us

  • Thanks to Burasil Products, for helping my family in the treatment of psoriasis, they have been using their products for 4 years and they are excellent. Little by little you see the improvement. We are happy to meet you by this means. We will be in permanent contact. Regards!!

    Vivis Arguello

  • I have Psoriasis more than 17 years ago. And I have tried all the systemic treatments like Metrotexate, Cyclosporine, Dapsone, Embrell, etc. In addition to multiple home recommendations. And the only thing that really helps me is Burasil's Cream, Lotion and Shampoo. Of course, I change many of my bad habits of life like: night-time, the consumption of liquor, and of spicy and inlaid foods. Stop being so INTENSE and now I lead a quiet and healthy life, consuming natural products NOT processed and a life as calm as possible away from problems and troubled and conflicted people.

    Jose Eusebio Parrado

  • I've been putting on the cream for 2 days and I'm starting to see results, deflating and disappearing red on my skin. Other products took 6 to 8 weeks to see results and more or less helped to deflate and eliminate red, but did not control completely. With the Burasil creams it has taken me between 4 and 6 weeks to control the moles of psoriasis and to have my skin appear normal.

    Gustavo Ariel Oliva